Is my cpu overheating!?



I just bought a Amd athlon 1700+

After reading a post here I decided to check my cpu temp

68 degrees... This is hot!

Open the case up and I managed to put it down to 58

Is this dangerous... I mean, I got the fan that was in the box whit the cpu... And yes it is well installed!

My motherboard is a Asus a7v266-E

My computer runs fine.. A crash once a week happens but nothing really unormal

Thanks in advance

Let me know if you have a suggestion or anything

da rock

shut it down!!

if the temp your talking about is meas in celsius then shut down!
you're lucky you even have a chip left! i don't know what kind of
hsf came w/your setup , it's either poorly seated or not rated for
your cpu. check the amd website for the approved hsf for your
xp then buy and install it before you burn out. if your sys is crashing once a week it is NOT stable and could be due to your
high temps,make sure you had GOOD ventilation, case fans are a
must for your pc! best of luck!


2 Dec 2001
If you have the sides off and are running at 58 Celcius you're ok. It's pushing it, hard, at 68. Keep the sides off and maybe set a small house fan to blow on it until you can get some good case fans. If conventional case fans don't give you desired results then you might want to modify your case by drilling vent holes and mounting 1 or 2 more fans.

I agree with da rock too, research the fan you have and make sure it's running correctly (are the rpms low? - it happens) and look for another good cpu fan while you're at it.


i gonna say this as I said in the other post.. are you using asus probe software? If so, check the temp there, then also check it in the bios to see if they match. I have heard of instances where the asus probe software reads 10c higher than the bios. Mine is normal, this is just something I have read in other forums, definately worth a look though.

AMD also recommends that your power supply fan have vents located on the bottom (for the cpu). With athlons, my recommendations are to have atleast an inlet case fan, outlet case fan, cpu fan, and power supply fan.

One thing I used to do with my 1ghz tbird, is turn the outlet fan sideways (held in with zip ties) with air directing towards the side of the cpu. This actually cooled the cpu 7c.



I had a similar problem so I did three things.

1. I went to the arctic silver web site and found out the CORRECT way to apply thermal compound. I originally had glopped a large amount on the die which was bad. Recommended volume is that of half a grain of uncooked rice. (That's small). After having cleaned your heat sink and die with cotton swabs and alcohol (isopropyl is fine), apply the compound at one corner and use a razor or CLEAN credit card to smear it very thinly across the die, replace the (CLEANED) heat sink. I think this may have helped to some degree.

2. Find out if you have a logical spot for an intake fan on the front and back of the case. Optimally, you want two fans blowing air in the front, and two blowing air out the back. I purchased a 120mm fan and mounted it as an intake on the front. Although this made the machine significantly louder, it didn't help my high temps so I then proceeded to look at the rear fan that came premounted in the case.

3. My Fong Kai 320 case was shipped to me with the rear exhaust fan installed backwards. I flipped this fan and made it an exhaust.

Result: I went from 136F degrees to 116F degrees. As others have stated, proper air flow with fans is VERY important.

In addition, I have read that the standard operating temperatures for AMD processors is between 40 and 50 celsius but will work fine up to and including 60c. Above 60c you may begin noticing system instability. This is hearsay but it seems to be close to home.

Other things to look out for are IDE and floppy ribbon cables that obstruct airflow by the processor.

Best of Luck,


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2 Dec 2001
No,no,no! Don't be afraid running at that temprature! A friend of mine got a Thunderbird 1,4 ghz running at 70ºC, and he hasn't bothered to do anything to get it cooler yet. He has no troubles. It bothers me that people have got this cooling-disease, and have to get the cpu as cool as hell! Running my Athlon 1,4 @ 55º at stress and I'm more than happy with it. If you go to AMD's site and read the tech.manuals about their cpu's, you can see that it can handle up to 98ºC (yeah that's hot). And if it runs @ 70ºC, it should last about 10 years (there is a mathematical formula for finding it out in the tech.manual)


Holy Blue Smoke!

At 98C I'd be looking for a fire extinguisher!

Honestly, I've never seen anyone say that such an extreme temperature was safe.

I recommend looking up the specific information for the processor you own. I was unable to find recommended temps for my processor on AMD's site.



lol...AMD may state taht it may run at 98 degrees centigrade(celcius) but does that mean all the other components can? And even if the CPU can run that hot, at 98, heat build up will be very rapid and it will quickly rise to about 100 which, I garuntee, cannot run properly.(Watch Tom's movies( Burning AMD CPU's, very funny)


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2 Dec 2001
OK, read the tech guide here (adobe acrobat needed):

Here you get the complete specs about how cool the CPU should be, and how long it last @ that temp.
As for the movie at TomsHardware, that shows a cpu without a cooler or heatsink (@ 300ºC) which is completely something else!

It really worries me that people are getting so afraid of their cpu-temps. They're starting to sound like babies, soooo afraid that their cpu temp has raised some degrees. It's horrible isn't it:)
Just realised that my CPU temp was 60º C after playing some intensive max payne....oh no..LOL. And I'm not going to do a thing to make the temp lower!!! Kills all of you to hear that doesn't it :)
No, just play along on your computer, and if you experience sudden crashes often, then I might buy another fan and/or heatsink for it...Don't get into trouble and buy a water cooling system...That is for cars, not modern computers lol



It's good that you're so confident.

I've read a review where the BIOS power auto-shutoff safeguard was tested on a motherboard. It worked the first time and failed the second frying both the cpu and motherboard. This happens in a matter of seconds. There is nothing wrong with having a watchful eye on your $1000-$5000 dollar investment. Having proper ventilation is just good practice. Why do you think mo/bo manufacturers add cost to their boards by placing temp sensors? Because it's a good idea.

You could try and argue that they do it to cater to the paranoid but that doesn't change the fact that it's far better to be safe than sorry. Take what you want from it but you'll not see me let my processor rise to anywhere near said temperatures.



Hey man if u have extra buck go n get a better cpu fan or watercooling stuff ? but the heat u got is very normal...coz Amd do produce alot of heat..sometimes i just wonder y u ppl so in love with pc .. althu im one but i still got a gal to take care of..

Sometimes is hard to take care of two...i meant my galfren always get jealous when i get near to my comp..if u want a stable heat i would intro u to go for P4 intel.. :) hehehe
Heat FREE :)


That good sound yes...temp u have coz galfren..being taken care of ?

FREE Heat :D

I couldn't RESIST!


Heat is the mortal enemy in any electronic parts.

Get a good cooling system if you're and AMD user.

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