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Is my CD burner going bad???



In the last 10 CD's I've burned I've come up with 3 coasters (CRC errors or 'cannot read file' errors).

My CDR burner is a 52x TDK burner (which is really the guts of a really good burner - I looked it up one but forgot what it really is).

I've burned somewhere around 400-500 CD-R's since I've had it.

Normally I'd say it's gone bad and the coaster to good ratio will only start getting worse.

But, I also know that I just switched spindles from a stack of Sony High speed 80 mintues to a Spindle of Memorex 80 minute 52x CD-R's.

Is it at all possible that I have a bad spindle (something I've never seen)? It's just funny this started happening right when I switched spindles.

BTW - I have no problem running out today and spending the $50 to get a new 52x burner..... just annoyed by the odd coinky-dink of the spindle change and problem occurance.


BTW - I've used Memorx spindles before with this burner and never had a problem.


NTFS Stoner
400 + burns, you done well my man :)

retire it b4 your coaster collection gets a little too large :p

it could be the spindle, cant you get a 10 pack of a diffrent brand to be safe, but 400 burns, the laser lens must be getting foggy now :)

my liteon started doing that, i had changed cd's, got a new writer anyway as a frend would buy it if i was wrong, it was the burner, done 400+ like u :)

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