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is my 6600 gt dying?


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Ok i know there is no way for you all to know for sure the answer to this but i would like your best guess.

so the other day i was surfing the web and bent down to pick something up, when i looked back up at my screen is see these moving red scribbles across my screen. i have never seen this before so i immediatly pressed my power butten down for the 4 seconds to turn it off right away. i wait a few minuntes to try turning the computer back on and when i do i see more crazy artifacts like this(i cant remeber exactly what they looked like). so once again i turn my computer off. the next time i try turning it on everything has a blue tint(i mean everthing even the graphics card bios posting) i let it boot into windows and eveything is still blue. so once again i turn my computter off. the next time i try to turn it on i hear a long beep followed by three short beeps. i looked through every page of the stupid motherboard manuel and i could not find what these beeps meant, so i figured i would take my graphics card out and take a look at it. i took the heatsink off to chech and see it the gpu had burnt out. it all checked out. i saw a pretty thick layer of fine dust all over the card and grab a microfiber cloth to clean it off. i put it back in the computer and turn it on and it boots up perfectly and have not seen a artifact since.( i have played battlefield 2 for about 3 hours since) this was sunday.

this brings me to the question, is my graphics card dying or was it just the dust completing a circut of something?

p.s. my graphics card really hasn't been overclocked in half a year there is just something wrong with my sig. and it wont ket me change it.
It might have been loose in the socket or the connector to the monitor might have been out. The blue tint indicates one of the chrominance signals missing. The beep codes indicates the card not talking.

If it doesn't repeat I'd chalk it up to loose connection to MB or monitor. The fans create a lot of vibration that can work things loose. The dust is unlikely unless it was metalic of carbon. (Doing grinding or having open fires?)

Watch the loose MB seating. A friend lost a vid card to that. It fried, literally.


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the card is almost a year old now. i have not been doing any grinding or built any fires in my room so i guess something cam loose.

thanks again lee


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Hmm, well, its working now though right?
You know what saddens me?
My card, the 6800gt which im uping to the 7900gt ko cost me 345 dollars at newegg in august. It is now worth MAYBE 200 dollars, if i can even get that, so sad :(


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I think lee is exactly right and i was going to say the same thing, i bet you it was just your monitor cable that was loose, especially if you saw this in the BIOS bootup screen. Also that blue tint happens a lot when the monitor cable is loose and/or damaged.

Check the pins to make sure they are not bent or anything.

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