Is it worth upgrading video card?



I have a GeForce2 MX400, is it worth upgrading? Also, what is a descent upgrade without spending a ton of money. Thanks. I was looking at the ATI8500.

the ATI line as far as I know is out dated with the new GeForce 4 and there is a card that will meet everyones needs concerning price.
I just went from a Mx card to a Gforce2 Ti and Im very happy with my choice. Ill be passing by the Gforce4's and probably upgrading with the cards that come out after those.

But going from a MX card to a Gforce2 Ti was a very good thing to do.
IF you have the money and realllllly want to upgrade Id get a Gforce3 ti200
go for it

the guy he's right man.I got the same card like you, I have the money for the G-force 3 Ti200 but I want to wait another month, maybe the prices will go down with the new G-force coming up, and I'll buy a G-force 3 Ti500 .we'll see about that.:D
If you have a personal holiday coming up why not just ask for what you really want?
Wait unitl the new ati cards comes out!I have the retail 8500 and it is a hell of a lot better that the gf3's!

ATI are gonna take over the graphics market
ATI isn't taking over anything.The GeForce 4 will beat anything ATI can produce.Nvidia has a more reliable product.(and why were the drivers that were released with the Radeon 8500 cooked to run better Quake benchmarks?)

Nvidia rules.
Originally posted by dltyrrell
I have a GeForce2 MX400, is it worth upgrading? Also, what is a descent upgrade without spending a ton of money. Thanks. I was looking at the ATI8500.

If you're stuck with a crappy celeron chip like me, I wouldnt bother going much higher than a gf2 gts or something similar. I'd upgrade the cpu first. Define a tonne of money? In my mind, anything over $250 Canadian for a graphics card just to get some more fps is crazy but I guess people out there have alot more money to burn than I do. If you're a gamer and have some money to burn then go for the gf3 or gf4.
It really depends on your CPU/chipset

In some cases, upgrading can have little to no effect.

in some vary rare cases, (like mine =[ ) it can even dramatically slow things down. But that is probably too rare to mention, and I cant be botherd explaining it all =P
go for radeon7500/8500
nice cards for their price...and they have pixel/vertex shaders that the mx cards lack...
well personnaly ill be upgrading to the radeon8500 from gf2MX until september where ill buy the new R300 hehehe directx9 pixel shader 2.0 and vertex S 2.0 also lol bring on unreal 2 and doom 3 LOL heheeh i know iknow i have money to spend lol
Nvidia seems to be a lot more hassle least at the moment...
To Highwind7777


are you sure that the Radeon 7500 really handles pixel/vertex shaders ? I own the 7500 and didn't know this, thought that only the 8500 had these features ?

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