Is it worth considering BTX?

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Hey All

I am thinking of buying myself a nice (but expensive) Aluminium full tower pc case. The Case I am thinking of is the very nice Lian-Li V2000
What I am worried about is the new BTX standard. When is this likely to come in? I don’t want to spend out on a high-end ATX case only to find that 6 months down-the-line I will be kicking myself for not waiting.
Does anybody have any thoughts or details?



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Intel has introduced a small number of BTX boards... probably for show only... However, I'm hoping that the standard will become mainstream by summer 2005 coz been waiting a long time for it already. Like you, I don't want to be spending too much on the current ATX stuff when the BTX stuff is just around the corner.
From what I see in your current specs, I'd suggest you wait a little longer. If you think your machine is very slow, you may want to clean out some junk from it or do a clean install of windows again.

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it was not really hardware as i think i will wait for pci-express to take off for that it was more cooling and looks :S


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Well its your call but if you can wait a little while longer to at least see if there is more of a date that BTX should be showing up

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Ok cheers I think I may have a look at the coolermaster "stacker" case as you can convert it from ATX to BTX and the case design seems very interesting


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heyy everyone, my personal opinion is if u wanna upgrade upgrade, wait till btx finally comes out n after a few revisions were they have kinked out most of the bugs then go for it


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What's so great about BTX anyway? I know that the new HP Media Center PCs are using the BTX standard, I was just wondering what the deal is with it...

Being an overclocker i wouldnt go near a BTX system with a barge pole as everything in a btx system is set up close. i bet thats what intel plan no overclocking as its to hot as all the hardware is close


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Intel needs better airflow, that's why they seem closely packed together...
AMD has not experienced such heat problems yet... and probably wouldn't unless they copy Intel's way of doing things.
Seeing that processors are getting released with faster speeds sooner and sooner, it's likely that we'll see a CTX form factor in summer 2006 and DTX in winter 2006. :D


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Skwowwy said:
Seeing that processors are getting released with faster speeds sooner and sooner, it's likely that we'll see a CTX form factor in summer 2006 and DTX in winter 2006. :D
Well I doubt that will be the case, as there only so many board configurations that would be effective. ;)
Yes, I liked the Stacker too, but it's a bit too huge for my taste. I have a few months til my next upgrade so I'm hoping there will turn up some more thought through cases by then.
Ah, yes. Cooler Master Stacker. <3 I wanna buy that case along with the rest of the PC stuff.

Unfortunately, I still have some issues with my bank account, but it should be done in end September/begin October. I can't wait. :D

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