Is it too soon to bother with Vista for gaming?


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28 Jan 2007

new to the forums, just wanted to say hi and also had a question here.
so sure vista is out now, but i'm really into pc gaming & have quite a few games i like to play on occasion(who doesn't?).. but what's the compatibility like so far with Vista?..
Right now you are definitely better with XP. There is better driver support and no new games use DirectX 10 AFAIK.
I don't have any issues with gaming in vista that won't be solved by final build drivers over the coming weeks.
i don't have any issues with gaming right now

not slower or anything else. i'm not a "hardcore" gamer, but i do my fair share.
No games out use DX10... so? doesn't stop current games working
yeah..... and ATI also doesn't have a video card using unified shaders out yet..... let alone a card that supports DX10. They also have a much smaller base of people actually USING an ATI-based motherboard requiring ATI drivers. NVidia has to get good 8800GTX drivers out for both XP AND Vista..... as well as drivers for the 7-series cards for Vista, as well as NForce drivers for Vista and possibly updated ones for XP. If you ask me, NVidia has a lot more to work on than ATI could ever dream of.
And consequently have a larger developer team. The 100 series drivers work just fine for the 7000 and 6000 series PCIe cards.

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