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Is it too soon to bother with Vista for gaming?


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new to the forums, just wanted to say hi and also had a question here.
so sure vista is out now, but i'm really into pc gaming & have quite a few games i like to play on occasion(who doesn't?).. but what's the compatibility like so far with Vista?..


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Right now you are definitely better with XP. There is better driver support and no new games use DirectX 10 AFAIK.


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i don't have any issues with gaming right now

not slower or anything else. i'm not a "hardcore" gamer, but i do my fair share.
No games out use DX10... so? doesn't stop current games working


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yeah..... and ATI also doesn't have a video card using unified shaders out yet..... let alone a card that supports DX10. They also have a much smaller base of people actually USING an ATI-based motherboard requiring ATI drivers. NVidia has to get good 8800GTX drivers out for both XP AND Vista..... as well as drivers for the 7-series cards for Vista, as well as NForce drivers for Vista and possibly updated ones for XP. If you ask me, NVidia has a lot more to work on than ATI could ever dream of.

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