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is it possible too change firefox application dir?


anyone know how too change this.. im using firefox 0.8

its keeping /cache/prefs/settings... everything in this dir
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Phoenix\Profiles

i want too move it, and make it use a different path

but i cant see any options within firefox, nor any extra app too change its path..

i have already managed too change "my documents" etc too a different path, but not Application Data
the reason for changing, is i want all firefox stuff stored on my encrypted container drive (g:/)


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I think it is done the way it is due to the possibility of multiple user accounts.

So, they would all go in C:\Documents and Settings\subdirectories for each individual User Name\Application Data\Phoenix\Profiles...

So, Me...I, I don't think it can. :(


:( i managed too change a few "user" folders (my docs etc.) using TweakUI.. but it doesnt have anything too adjust firefox, or any other programs.. also tried searching registry, but couldnt see any paths in there either, must be hardcoded into the app..



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You just wanna move cache? I would backup your profile 1st but you can try " about:config " and look for the line "browser.cache.disk.parent_directory" that'll be pointing to your user profile folder. ;)

-edit- you may also wanna look here . I'm not sure how up to date the info is so backup before you try it as always.


its the whole profile dir i wanna move.. cache im not really worried about, its everything else.. will take a look at your link when i get back from work.. thanks


I'm sorry Hal...
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back up the contents of the profile folder you want to move

start firefox with -P (i.e "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -P)
you'll get a manage user profiles box, select create profile, click next, click choose folder (choose it), click finish

restore the contents to the new profile


thanks very much, its all working fine!!
now all stored on an encrypted container file, thats easily backed up:)
only thing thats gone wrong is mozilla calender, cant even re-import the old data.. oh well:confused: win some... lose some:D
thanks again too Xie and Khayman :)
ah now i have got a problem, as soon as i take away the -P switch, it no longer asks for profile.. and just uses the default (back in c:/docs/application data etc)

is there a switch i could add after mozilla too make it load a named profile?


"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -LOAD BLAHPPROFILE


Beware the G-Man
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whatever drive:\mozilla.org\Mozilla\mozilla.exe -ProfileManager

I think :D

The Mozilla Profile Manager opens and then you load the profile you want.


I'm sorry Hal...
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when you use the -P switch select the profile you want from the list, select "do not show at startup" then click start firefox. That should load the selected profile each time, at least thats how it works for me

FireFox not mozilla gonaads :)
hmm not working like that here, i still have the -P switch, the profile manager comes up, i ticked "dont show at startup" but it still does...

if i remove the -p switch, then it just uses default profie on default path
gonaads said:
whatever drive:\mozilla.org\Mozilla\mozilla.exe -ProfileManager

I think :D

The Mozilla Profile Manager opens and then you load the profile you want.

the -P switch already does that
when i open firefox, i have too manually select the profile..

just wondering of there was a switch that would automatically open a profile called "_kC_"
one extra mouse click isnt too bad... but if there is a chance too get it too do it itself, then it would be nice :cool:

so anyone who knows the ff switches or a place that lists them?


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"firefox -h" lists the available options on Linux. Should be the same on Windows.

The option you want is:


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