Is it possible to use my home computer from Work?


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You can if it has Remote Desktop Connection.
All you need is a password & username for the machine you use at home, and the IP should be static.
All you'll then need to do is connect to your home machine via Remote Desktop Connection and you'll take FULL control of the machine at home...... or so it goes. :)


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Since the topic of connecting via Remote Desktop has been brought up, I'll give you the short-and-sweet on that. Note: I've never used Home so I don't know if you can Remote to it.

On your Home machine right-click on My Computer - Properties. See if there is a Remote tab (if there isn't then you're probably SOL for using this specific method). If there is then click on it and check the "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer" box. Then click on "Select Remote Users" and make sure the username you use to log into the pc is listed there. If it isn't -- then add it. Now...voila! You should be able to connect.


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I happen to be typing this on my Pro desktop with my Home latop networked wi-fi agjacent.... so I feel I should be able to help...

Unfortunately I seem somewhat innebriated - I shall try, but allow for typos etc....

Given the fairly recent nature of the post - if yuo ask me a direct question I may well be able to try a direct experiment....

(Needless to say I work from home, hence the "adjacent angle"!)


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fimchick said:
...and check the "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer" box. Then click on "Select Remote Users" and...
I just checked on my home laptop - you CAN allow remote users... is the good news.... you CANNOT Select is the bad....

[EDIT] Despite my parlous state I played around a bit and it does not look good for a "natural" solution with home - I think M$ were counting on a few upgrade fees here..... either that or it is the devil I do not know - AKA PC-Anywhere (beware SP2 with that one!) [/EDIT]


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wow - so drunk I appear to be triple (tipple?) posting.... thing is I am so pleased reading back it looks to me like maybe I contributed something?

Do I get reps? Or are they all subtracted because I was innebriated? Anyway - post back if you get anywhere.... I think you will have to look at further $ spends though, sorry :(


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i went to microsofts website and it does seem that with the home edition i can use remote connection, i actually just want to connect from work to home pro xp to home xp, which it seems should work.


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OK sorry for delay but my ISP crapped out on me and I walked the dog ... (honest!)

Anyway - just tried from my Pro desktop to my Home laptop - it gives an option to browse for computers in my workgroup then tells me it does not contain any terminal servers - if I enter my comp name it says could not connect and implies client has not enabled (although I have)....

Interested to hear if you have more success and how though!


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ok i dont have a static ip address at home, but correct me if i'm wrong, can i just go to ipconfig each day to get the newly assigned ip address, and leave my pc on so it keeps the ip, also am i right in thinking i need to connect to my Home pc (windows xp home) via VPN first before i use remote desktop connection?


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I don't think VPN is needed at all. Maybe I'm wrong about this, but I have managed to connect to my desktop and take full control of it from my laptop without touching VPN (as far as I know).
No, you wouldn't need to setup a VPN tunnel to connect via Remote Desktop.
If your remote desktop server (the home machine) is behind a router, just make sure you forward port 3389 to its internal IP.
ThePatriot said:
Maybe I'm missing something here, and if I am just say so, but wouldn't this be easier?
Actually, Remote Desktop would be easier, since it's already built into the OS and you don't need to install or configure additional software.
With that said, I've personally found that UltraVNC (or any other VNC flavor) is more responsive over an internet connection. Remote Desktop lags a little more, but it's perfect for an internal LAN.


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For ultimate simplicity, there is even a Java viewer, so that any desktop can be controlled remotely from within a browser without having to install software............
....You can download a copy of VNC here
Is that not installing something on to the machine? lol. :p


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so will vnc work if my ip address changes, i have found it pretty much stays the same ip address? sorry if i seem so dim, but you guys have been a great help.


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NetRyder is right, RD is built in, but a pain in the butt IMO and slower as he said. Here's my solution: Go to and sign up for a DynDNS account. It's free. Pick a name i.e. etc... pick out one of the recomended client programs to install on your home pc...I use DeeEnEs myself..install it and VNC on your home pc, install VNC on your work pc and viola, you're done! Now, when you open VNC Viewer at work, you will connect to your DynDNS name..i.e. or whatever you choose..instead of having to know your ip address all the time. The DeeEnEs client will update DynDNS with your ip every time it changes. It works great, just make sure you set a good password and/or lock your home firewall to only accept a connection from your work ip address. There is a good "How To" on the DynDNS link that will probably explain it much better than I did. It is very easy to do, much easier than I made it sound! :p Let me know how it works out, or if you need any help, ok? :)

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