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is it possible to code something like this?


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me and a friend are going to set up a web site in a university webspace. were mainly gonna use it to host files (important valuable ones tho) and write small blogs and stuff.
anyways, we have a registration setup so only users can access the files (which some are torrents).
i was wondering if its possible to monitor the IP's of the users that download the torrents, and ban them if they dont seed afterwards.

ive thought of it but ive come to realize that it might be very easy to just change an ip, if one is using dialup or a broadband connection which permits disconnection and reconnection (DSL PPoE, for example), therefore allowing to change the ip (i dont know if that works for all of those types of connections, i know it works in mine)

you would need a torrent tracker, there are some out there that do this currently

btw be sure none of the torrent'd files nor the files you are storing there are in contravention of your universities acceptable use policy


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The best solution would be to use a tracker to monitor the share ratio of users. The best tracker for the job is the Torrent Bits tracker. It is a very advanced PHP/MySQL tracker that gives you a lot of moderation control for people who don't share.

And yes, as Geffy says, make sure your torrents don't violate your university's AUP.

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