is it normal for the 4.1 cats to do this?


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i wasnt sure whether to post this in the graphics section or drivers. i had the 4.1 cats installed today, and everything ran fin. Silent Hill 2 ran perfectly at 1024x768 without any weird stuff...and for some reason Silent Hill 3 ran like crap, even though i know my gfx card can totally handle it.
anyway, i upgraded to the 4.2 cats this afternoon and everything went nuts. SH2 ran with a really really bad framerate, SH3 barely ran at all...Halo ran like crap on both 4.1 and 4.2 cats as well.

i downgraded to the 4.1s again and strangely enough SH2 is now running like crap as well. it wont run at 1024x768, only at 800x600.

im not sure on what to blame this problem on...ive tried all the settings in the 3D section of the card. even in best performance i get really choppy FPS ratings. what i have noticed, is that for some reason (as you can see from the pic), i have to instances of at2evxx.exe running. im not sure this normal?
any ideas on how to get these games running properly?


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Maybe you should perform a clean uninstall of the drivers using ATI's own uninstaller (attached), and install 4.2 again...
Multiple instances of this at2evxx.exe is not a good sign...



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Yeah, sounds like the over-install and roll-back hosed the vid driver config.

I'd use nasty file remover to clean the mess out and do a clean install.

Then do the 4.2 install. 4.2 fixes sluggish responcse in several games that had a problem with 4.1

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Howling Wolf said:
Maybe you should perform a clean uninstall of the drivers using ATI's own uninstaller (attached), and install 4.2 again...
Multiple instances of this ati2evxx.exe is not a good sign...
Edit: it seems normal to have two instances of ati2evxx.exe running, I have two myself and I just noticed they're profile related, I mean one is running for my profile, the second one by System. So forget what I said before ;)

Do a clean uninstall of drivers and re-install the 4.2's, should solve your games issues ;)


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I always have to use Driver Cleaner before a new install of drivers. If I don't then some weird things happen. As for the ATI services running, I normally disable them.

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