is it me or is it utorrent ??


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12 Jan 2004
I have noticed that, when utorrent is running, my bandwidth goes to almost nothing. Yet when I shut it down I get it back. It does this whether I have one thing downloading or multiple things downloading.

Is there anyone else having this problem, and, what could be the cause if it ??
What do you have your upload speed set to?

Setting it to about 70% of your max upload is recommended, anything above this slows browsing etc down heaps.
I don't have a linksys router. It's a wgt634. I found on that site that there are issues with netgear routers as well. So I did what they said to try and fix it ..

I have my upload speed set to 25k, with a 768k upload. I tried the diff upload rate tests, from 10k to 50k, all it did was fluctuate the download speed, the higher the upload rate the slower the download speed went. It didn't change the bandwidth issue though. It runs the same no matter what download rate I use ..
Have you checked whether it's bittorrent in general of if it's utorrent specifically?

Maybe try Azureus and see if you have the same results.
I didn't think of that, yalooze. Thanx. I'll try that out and let you know ...

As a note: So far, what I did was this - I disabled UPNP port mapping, Lowered the Global Max connections from 600 to 200, kept my upload speed set to 25k, turned off pre-alocations of files, Lowered the number of max downloads and running torrents to 3 (it was set on 5). As I do more I will post them ..
If downloading more then one torrent I would set the upload manually on each torrent when starting it (advanced button on add new torrent window) or right-click torrent > properties > general tab while torrent is running. Set upload to different amounts that equal up to what you want max to be. Like if you want 25 and have two torrents running then set both to 12 or one at 10 and the other at 15. If you have three then set them to 8 and so on. Reason is I have seen times where if global is set to 25 or whatever then each torrent wants to try and take that amount. So if set to 25 and doing three it tries to take 75.
I noticed that, when using Firefox, sometimes pages will load forever until I pause torrents for a moment - Firefox will then use CPU and load the page. Until then Firefox will stay at zero CPU and not load anything. (and this occurs when CPU is low to idle as it is)

Then it's back to normal.

Other times, I see 700+kB/s downloads with 40+kB/s upload - and browsing is normal. I have mine set to unlimited both but started to limit how many torrents I'm seeding. Seeding 30-40 torrents is not a good thing.
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