is file sharing and transfer is the same term?



hi, i would like to know whether file sharing and file tranfer is the same term?
does crossplatform(e.g. linux & windows) enable file transfer?
or enable file sharing?
thanks in advance.:confused:


I may actually be insane.
as far as I know, file sharing is the act of opening up a directory of files to the public, IE sharing a folder on KaZaA or opening an anonymous public FTP.

file transfer is the actual act of sharing a file, you transfer the data from point A to point B.

for example you send a picture over MSN|ICQ|IRC|AIM|Yahoo from your machine to a friends machine.
The picture/data would be transfered from you to the other machine.


ok.. i've enter kazaa b4.. i think i get a bit idea of it.. but does tat means i need to transer or share fileson the same os or different os also possible??
soli, but i realli confuse.. does os plays important part in this file sharing n tranfer?
thanks again..:(


Folding Team
The OS has nothing to do with it unless you acctually want to execute code. Take an MP3 for example. An MP3 can be played on most (if not all) modern operating systems with an appropriate player. So pretty much what Speedy_B said:

File sharing: Allowing the public, a group or a person to access your file(s) in some way.
File transfer: Acctually sending a file to someone else (or someone dowloads a file from you).

And the OS has nothing to do with it, so I guess you can call it cross platform. Get the picture?

(Is this a school assignment again?)



thanks.. i think i get the picture of it.
And yes, it's my project. i'm currently doin a crossplatform(linux & windows xp) chat system. Still a lot research to be done since i'm very clear bout wat is important to be research on.
i plan to hav normal chat features such as text messaging,voice messaging, file transfer and filesharing(as what u've solve my doubts).
Thanks a lot. But if u got any valuable advice, it's alwiz welcome n appreciated. Thanks again.;)