Is combining partitions possible?


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I have XP Pro and Win98 dual boot on a 20Gig HD partitioned into 4 equal sectiond. However the XP (D drive) only has 700MB left on it, hence my question:

Is it poss to combine 2 partitions?

I would like to format the E drive and then add it to the D Drive so that will then be nearly 10GB.

I have NOT stored music or movies or anything on the D, they are elsewhere, it is just XP chewing up space.

The System Restore is taking up quite a bit of space, so that can go, but generally the system is slowing up and a larger partition and maybe a reinstall might help.

Comments anyone?

Thanks in advance

Yes, BUT your old FAT and FAT32 files from 98 if you decide to make it one entire NTFS partition will be unreadable by 98. If thats not really an issue, then PartitionMagic it is.


Riscy, if I did understand you right you are going to reinstall XP anyway and you don't have any data on partitions D and E that you need to keep.

So why not just boot to the XP cd, start setup, during the process delete the two partitions and create a new one in the now unpartitioned space?


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Dunno what dynamic discs are ViperSnake - ideally would like not to reinstall XP unless necessary, but will do so if that helps to clear up some rubbish and useless files.

At the minute I have info on all disks and will need to copy all to CD before trying anything and will then delete all data on the one partition to be merged with D.
Dynamic Disks(DD's for short) are another kind of disk with the other being Basic. Instead of partitions, DD's are split into volumes which can be made into sets like Striped sets and Spanned volumes (Which involve multiple disks). Also only XP Pro/Windows 2000 supports DD's and can promote disks. So XP Home/ME/98/95/NT4 cannot see Dynamic Disks like they can't see NTFS
Whoosh !!! - that was the sound of that explanation flying right over my head ViperSnake - beyond my knwledge, never heard of it.

Thanks for the explanation though. Is what I proposed in my last post an option or not though - feasible or impossible?


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Piece of cake. Make image of d drive with Norton ghost. Boot to win98 and use partion magic to remove e drive, than extend d drive partion to end of drive. Accept changes and let PM do the rest. When it is finished you should be able to boot straight to xp, I've never had a problem doing it this way. The Image file is just a backup incase something goes wrong.


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