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Is a 350W PSU enough for a 6800GT


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The system i am building consists of this:

Gigabyte mobo
1gb mem
120gb HD
onboard sound
350W PSU

Now the question is, if i only use a 350W PSU, will that be enough to power the 6800gt adequatly.

I've already bought the psu, so saying 400 would be better is mute; i just want to know in your experience will a 350 psu power all that. If not then i'll just have to buy another.

you need 380w minimum and you need 20A on the 12v output minimum
so moot point or not, if you dont want to fry your card or psu or both, you need to get a new one.


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so having a lower watt psu can actually fry the card? instead of just not providing enough wattage?
Any power supply can fry the cards. It depends on how well designed and built it is.

I would rather use a 350W Antec than a 450W generic power supply. If the Antec fries they will replace the damaged equipment. Also the Anetc is less likely to fry. Enermax is also a good brand.

Check the :
-current ratings on each output (especially 3.3, +5 and +12V)
-make sure the combined output on +3.3/+5V is over 180W
-make sure the +12V is over 15A

I'm sitting here with a 350W generic (EX Media?) in my hands that is a peice of trash:
-only 12A on the 12V. (Not gadequate for MBs with P4 connector and video cards with molex connectors).
-the 3.3@20A and 5V@25A ratings are ok individually BUT only rated at 150W max on +3.3/+5 combined. This is the kind of cut rate stuff you get with generics.

In my main system (specs below) I have been using a 300W Antec for the last year:
- +3.3V@20A, +5V@30A with combined 3.3/5 of 220W.
- +12V@15A
This supply would be too small if I upgraded to 6800GT and 3gig+ processor. The 350W generic would be useless. A good 350W Antec might be ok unless you put in 2 optical and 2 HDs. The 6800GT is a power pig so 400W Antec would be "safe".

PS Thanks for reminding me. Time to put the new SL400 Antec into my main system. Be back latter. :)

:( Bummer system is not any quieter with the SL400, noise must be from the case fans.

WARNING! The molex connectors on the HD/Optical drives (rounded side up)insert upside down from the way the ones on the Fan Controller and Video Card insert (rounded side down). Be careful.


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ok here are the psu specs, let me know what you think

+3.3 28A

+5v & 3.3v combined load 200w
+5V & 3.3V &+12V combines load 330W
Total output is 350W Max

Is that enough for a 6800gt?


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I would not advise it. Look for at least a 400W. I would suggest a Thermaltake 480W Xaser II PSU. They are pretty nice and would be able to power what you have. They are also about $60. If you want to spend more then that. Then I'd go with the Antec NeoPower at about $125 for a 480W or the OCZ Powerstream 520W at about $140.
I'm upgrading to the OCZ Powerstream 520W soon.

The only thing I like about the Antec is that it's a modular powersupply.

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