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Is 1.5gb really worth it?


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I'm gonna take a trip to Seattle next week (DigiPen Summer Workshop ;) ) and I'm gonna take the opportunity to increase the RAM on my laptop. I currently have 768 megs, and I was wondering if the difference between 1gb vs 1.5gb is worth it. Of course it'd be cheaper to toss out the 256mb module and put in 512mb, but I'd rather be sure. It should be taken into account that I'll be putting Vista on this system when it comes out ;)

Any ideas?

If all you do is browse the web and run basic word processing apps, you could probably save your money.

Currently , my task manager is claiming windows is using 562MB of RAM, with everything running. I just opened a document in word, an avi file, and an mp3, as well as started playing a DVD. Quite a cacophony of noise, but that's all the RAM i'm getting it to use. Open a game, though, and it adds and additional 300-1000 (1000MB...I'm looking at YOU, Battlefield 2!).


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Yeah, I use this laptop for everything. Image editing, sound recording/editing, playing games, programming in Java/C++, web design...you name it. I guess it is worth it then? xD


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lol, only two slots...I had 2x256mb when I bought the laptop, then I bought a 512 module and changed one of them, for the current total of 768. I think I'll order a 1gb module off NewEgg and crank it up to 1.5gb. I think that'll go well with Office 2007 and Vista.


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I have 768 on my laptop right now it is sufficient for right now, i play css dod s and hlf on my laptop...
No programming or designing though.
Im not sure if yours is up to par, but your processor also has a big effect on performance. Mine on my laptop is the amd 3200 on my laptop, not sure if thats better than yours or not.
All in all, i think for vista you at least need 1.5 gb, i know im not wasting money on a gb for my laptop, IF i get vista, ill keep it on my desktop.


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my laptop came with 2 256mb ram, gave one away and put a 1 gig in its place so now i have 1.2 gig and its runs relally smooth.. so its worth it..
If you're video editing and graphics 1.5 gig should make a difference.

Newegg may not be your best price. Local outfits have much better sale prices on RAM. Seattle will be a Smorgasbord of computer stores.

Check the Web Saturday after midnight or Sunday morning for the weekly ad's. Next weeks local sales will posted. Just enter a ZIP code for Seattle (sales vary widely from city to city in the USA).

Places to check:
Circuit City
Fryes Electronics (aka Outpost.com on the web)
Office Depot
Office Max
Best Buy (though their sale pricing has sucked for quite a while now)

PS Don't forget to declare the purchase and pay the $75 duty...
PPS Hmmm, you might break even on this deal re-selling that old stick in Canada. Now I know why smugglers are in business.
PPPS This is probably a good time to get DDR RAM. DDR2 is taking over and DDR prices may start rising as it goes out of production. The sales and rebates depth is indicating dumping of DDR RAM.
More ram is always nice, and the price of 1GB modules is falling fast. Now, the only other thing is... Do you know if your laptop can handle that much? I thought mind would be able to handle a GB of it but it can only do 768...


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It can handle up to 2 gb, so I'm good :)

"PS Don't forget to declare the purchase and pay the $75 duty..."
lol!! Yeah...I'll uh...do that ;)

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