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9 Jul 2002
Whats the best 1 out??

Only ever used Mirc but wana start using it again an wondered which 1 :)
i use hydrairc, in the past i have used mirc/x-chat/chatzilla
i also use hydrairc
it is very good, i use xchat on my slackware box and xchat-aqua on my iBook :)
IRC client it complete personal chose ... no "best" one :)
Anything that isn't mIRC :)

Can back-up what's been suggested already though..

HydraIRC (www) is a very nice client, written natively for Win32 aswell. It's quite un-finished at the moment though, but of course it can only get better.

X-Chat www) is a more established client. There aren't as many features as some other clients, but basically, I refuse to use anything else because I like it that much :)
SPeedY_B said:
Anything that isn't mIRC :)
mIRC alone isn't bad if your a windows user ... its the "scripts" that give mIRC a very very bad name :(
The fact it's $20.00 for something many other clients manage to do for free, and in most cases, do better, has always put me off.
SPeedY_B said:
The fact it's $20.00 for something many other clients manage to do for free, and in most cases, do better, has always put me off.
at least its for something legit unlike ppl that paid for Kazaa :p
I've always liked mIRC. There are decent scripts for it, and it isn't very hard to customize for yourself. I also use Xchat on Debian ... haven't gotten used to it, but it's working great. Plugins aren't very plentiful though.

Oh yeah, hydrairc looks sweet. I might give it out a try. If it wasn't for my huge mIRC log files that have been around for years, I'd might be convince to leave mIRC altogether.

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