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IRC Channel: How to

I wish to start a chat channel for my forum, say, like the one NTFS has.

However, I haven't a clue of how to do this, or where to start.

May I please get some help?


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If you're starting your channel on a server like EFNet, where there is no chanserv, you'll need bots. You can talk to Benny, X-Istence or JJB about bots.

All you have to do is start your channel, type /j #yourchannelname
That is basically what I would like to do. Start my own channel, on EFNET, or whatever best.

Thanks for the idea, I will surely ask.

I'm just curious as how to register a channel? Need I? or would it allready be there for me? :eek: :p


Aye. No channel registration or Nickname registration. If they had these years ago it would have prevented a lot of the chaos that went on. It's seemed to be better though over the past year or two.

Usually if you have friends with bots you can ask them to throw a couple bots in your channel and give you channel owner access to them.

There's various other networks with these services though.


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You'll be better of starting out on a small network (less netsplits) with ChanServ and NickServ. Reliable as Eggdrops/TCL/Other bots are, they can only ever claim 99% uptime, and more than likely, you'll actually need them during that 1% downtime.

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