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IQ Test


Act your wage.
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None of these tests are within 5 points of professional tests. I've taken the WAIS-III, which is a widely-accepted assessment, and it took a total of nearly 8 hours over the span of a few days to complete. You simply can't condense such a test into 13 minutes. All of you have some great scores, and according to these online tests, everyone here is just about a genius. What are the chances? ;) :)
10 minutes = 141

I have scored better before, could only answer 35 questions, had to guess at 3 of them as they were USA specific questions .....that's lame.

No bias there then eh? lol

Think I prefer MENSA's test. It's accurate and doesn't assume you travel a lot lol


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Well either I am a total genius (which I am not, ask my wife) or I have the power of the force within me.


And I KNOW I am not that brilliant! Smart, Ok, Brilliant, NO!

I took an scientific IQ test when I was younger and was rated at a 137.

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