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ipv6 network - how?

Dark Atheist

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I am bored so i have decided to mess about with ipv6 for a direct pc to pc connection (windows to mac on a gbit connection) but no matter what ipv6 address i have tried and after hours of googling and using various on-line ipv4 to ipv6 converters things still aren't going right.

At the moment all i have for the ipv4 settings are the ip and subnet, i have tried various ipv6 address's and network lengths but still windows is always telling me i have no network access and the mac always says i have a null address.

Any help would be great.


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ipv6 is a waste of time. It is recognized by a small percentage and will not come into play for another couple of years ...

Dark Atheist

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johnny ipv4 will run out in mid 2010 - so they say, so its going to come into play, so its worth the time to have a look at it.

Plus i might be dropping back to vista due to the lack of driver support from nvidia atm, what with it lacking drivers for raid and the raid tools, and the in box (old nvidia drivers) drivers sucking ass :(


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When you say direct connection I assume its a crossover wire?
If not and ur using a router it needs to be ip6 compatible I am sure to route the traffic.

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