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ipod settings problem.


I was wondering if anyone has had this problem with their ipod. I do not use it for a day or two, and it resets to factory settings. I get the apple logo when i turn it on, and then it takes about 10seconds to load. This gets annoying because it always puts the clicker back on, and my eq settings have changed, and it sucks going back in to change them. Has anyone had this problem or know a way to fix this?

i have tried to restore it, and that did not work either. So i am lost.


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You see the Apple logo because your iPod has turned off. Usually if you leave it "off" for a day then come back to it, it'll turn back on where you left it. This is because it doesn't actually turn off, just sleeps so that start up is quicker.

However, even if it turns off you shouldn't have default setting's, everything should be remembered.

Are you running the latest firmware?
Might it be because the battery is dead?

My iPod has only done that once, but i'd left it for a while and the battery had completely died - just wrote it off as that.


na it could be just charged and not used i turn it off and *poof* the next day be up.
Yea i updated firmware when i restored it, what i am confused on :(


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uhh, when u say restored it and updated it, those contradict each other. so what did u do? update it or restore it?


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whens the last time u updated it, cuz there has recently been two updates that i applied to my friends ipod

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