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Ipod Problems


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Alright, I have a Ipod Nano (not the new one, one just before it) and have had it working with Winamp (alone) for awhile now.

I just got another Ipod Nano (new one) and tried plugging it it, didn't work, so I updated to Winamp 5.5 cause thats what I was told to get it to work. Worked for a second, and then once I tried plugging it back in my computer wouldn't even recognize it. I installed Itunes, and now it sees it.

What the hell? It needs Itunes installed now? I don't get whats wrong.

ps. when i try to download itunes from apples site, it stops every time at around 50%, I have to get it from filehippo or somewhere else??


I may actually be insane.
The database format within the newer iPods is different from previous versions and therefore doesn't work with most third party applications unless they specifically say so.

I thought that you were required to do at least one sync with iTunes before using some of the third party apps anyway?


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I didn't know that, if it's true, and well I did, and now for some reason Itunes still needs to be installed for Winamp to work.

Maybe give it time, let Winamp 5.5 not be beta?
It was rather underhanded move really for Apple to change the database format to use this new number key which only iTunes knows. I'm hoping they will either reverse it or release it.

I'll still use iTunes though, winamp don't run to hot on Mac :p


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Alright here is the problem.

My grandmother got the new Ipod Nano, and wanted me to set it up.

I installed Itunes and connected her ipod to her computer. Then wanted to put her cd's on her computer, found out that her computer can copy cds.

I took her cds and put them on my computer, tried connected to my computer. I installed Itunes (normally only use Winamp, but this time it wouldn't move the music to the new ipod). When installed Itunes, it said it can't connect. Just because its registered to the other computer. Finally with itunes installed, winamp worked and I moved the music over.

So now I go over to my grandmothers place to show her how to charge it, with the usb to the computer way. The ipod connects, opens up itunes, and itunes gives the same error I get on my computer and disconnects the ipod. Where now it can't charge.

If any of this made sense, what can i do, or what do i do?

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