ipod or iriver?

im looking for a new mp3 player to replace my old one. i only need probably 20gb so im either thinking the ipod 20gb (4th gen) or the iRiver H320. They both cost about $300 but the iriver has a little better battery life and a color screen. but the ipod has better accesories like the itrip fm transmitter and cool stereo hookups. ideas? :nervous:
actually the iriver has an FM tuner built it which is really nifty and it comes with a case
edit: omgomgomogomg some guy said u can flash it to play videos laskjdf;lkjsdl;kfajs im geting it !!!!!! holler!!!!!! represent!! wow im retarded!!!


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iPod 20GB
Better accessories, better navigation system, speakers and a lot more. And it's nice looking.

iRiver H320
Who gives a darn about colored screen, FM Tuner, or Voice Recorder? Atleast, I don't. :p


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X-Istence said:
I want to see what Sazar has to say about the Dell Pocket DJ though.
Yeah - I'll second that; get that review done :D

Not so sure if i agree with people saying an iPod looks good.. I thought the idea of an MP3 player was to play and listen to music :rolleyes:


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X-Istence said:
I;m with ~bk on that judgement.

I want to see what Sazar has to say about the Dell Pocket DJ though.
Thank you :).. and I'm also waiting for Sazar's review. Hurry up Saz! :D

Moonwraith said:
Yeah - I'll second that; get that review done :D

Not so sure if i agree with people saying an iPod looks good.. I thought the idea of an MP3 player was to play and listen to music :rolleyes:
It has to look good. You can't pick any of them.. I mean look at this one! Features aren't bad but look at the design.


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Yes, it's not that bad. But just think about what I said in my first post in this thread. Rest is up to you. :) Oh and it's looks sweet in pictures, but not in hand. :p


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With ~bk on this one. The iRiver sure does have a lot more featrures, undeniable, but I sure as hell wouldn't actually use any of them. My iPod get's dumped in the dock most morning's, then it spends the rest of it's life in my pocket playing away, simplicity is good. :)


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I own an ipod and I say iriver...if you are going to use the other things the iriver has on it get it. the ipod well is an ipod and there's a mystique about it. other than that look at the prices and capabilities and if you want something to do more than just play mp3s out of the box go iriver.

if you want something pretty and don't care about having those extra things than go ipod.
iRiver has the greater capability AND an active dev team that aren't just working on the next device so they convince people that they need it because it's damn trendy and secsy. And any accesory you can get for the ipod, you can get for the iriver, and probably a hell of alot cheaper too.


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Having owned an Ipod, I would say give the iriver a try. I returned mine 3 days after getting it.

Ipods looks nice, but that's about all they are good for IMO. Sound Quality could be better (I got noise / crackle on loud bangs / bursts in my music). I feel that it favors the highs over the lows, which drives me crazy. I wish it would have more of a balanced sound, on par with that of a MD or CD player. The preset EQ did not help this either, nor did using my better Sony headphones.

The headphones that come with an Ipod are horrible, you will have to throw them away once you get it and buy some decent ones.

I've had other people confirm as well that the Ipod will produce distortion when presented with loud bangs / bursts in music.

But everyone loves to hop on the Ipod bandwagon so you might as well do the same :nervous:
ipod baby nothing beats that i have the 20gb 4th gen. ipod is the best, iriver doesn't look that good and the system couldn't be as good, i mean apple originally designs operating systems and they made a great one for the ipod i dont think other mp3 players could beat the ipod's OS.....just an opinion

plus all the accessory stuff


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My sister has a H140, and it looks absolutely gorgeous in real life. I prefer this over the ipod, mainly because of the recording functions and FM tuner..plus, it's in black, and the whole U2 thing is just a bit over the top for me.

Some pros...well, it's solid enough, it's not something that'll break easily. Drag and drop function (ipod has this via third-party as well I think), very nice back-lighting, nice interface when browsing tagged files, solid battery times in my experience and good EQ settings (including SRS WOW sound effects).

The cons...you'll need to ditch the case, it's a horrible fake-leather combination. Not everyone likes the navigation system, which is sort of like a little joystick, and is a real pain flicking through the menus. The drag and drop function is neat, but when actually tagging the files using id3v1/id3v2..it can get a little complicated. It's not like as if you can just let itunes manage it all (but that might be a good thing, depending on your stance).

The thing is, i'm not sure if you can compare the newer H320 model with the ipod 20gb, since they function very differently. There's also creative's zen touch as well, which has recieved quite a number of good reviews. In the end though, it's up to you which design you go for :)

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