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Ipod Modding


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ipod mod

I heard it might be possible to mod the software on an ipod 2gb so that it will enable it to play video. It is probably not even woth it, but is there any credability to this modding myth??

Thanks for any help


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Re: ipod mod

I think that might sit somewhere between "not likely" and "impossible".

I've never heard of such a hack/mod, though the hardware spec behind the nano is probably capable of playing video (power wise), it does not contain the relevant chips/hardware for decoding and displaying video (I believe this to be the Broadcom BCM2722).


I may actually be insane.
Re: ipod mod

Via iPodLinux you can play games and video on almost all iPods (even older monochrome display iPods), however decoding is passed onto the CPU rather than a dedicated video chip.


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I had no clue what I was getting into. That stuff is far more advanced than anything I have attempted.
It looked like they started out writting programs (with what, Msdos?) and then you had to "find" the ipod through what looked like the same program, then upload it....
All this is great. It leads me to a bigger question. How does someone learn to really utilize a computer??? Rather than own an expensive deck of cards????

For example...how do you build an "avitar"?? What do you use to do it with, ext....
ANyways, Im done pondering these life questions. Thanks for the feedback..
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Re: ipod mod

Np, Actually, I think they have a binary release for the pc as well as mac. This will have an installer that sets it up automatically. On the mac version, I just had to click install and the base os was installed in a few seconds. After that you have to manually install and configure additional modules, but it's doable.


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With the new ipod updated not bein a single file, they are now dll's. So when using ipodwizard load the firmware from t he ipod. Once there you can still change the theme, fonts, and menu icons.

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