iPod Mini

I think it depends on what you will mostly use it for. I'm going to run/exercise with mine, so I want a small mp3 player... as light as I can get.
If I had a 40GB iPod, and I put songs on it that were, say, 35,000kb each @ 1411 quality, how many songs could I fit on it?
Looks good...especially the silver version :)
But like most others have pointed out, the biggest gripe is the price.
Black-Syth said:
If I had a 40GB iPod, and I put songs on it that were, say, 35,000kb each @ 1411 quality, how many songs could I fit on it?

The way I figure it, close to 1,050. You're talking about loading 35MB songs onto a unit that holds 40,000MB. For a 40GB disk, that's not too great though. I would compress to a 320kbps MP3 if you're wanting quality over quantity. You'd get a lot more songs on there, and you wouldn't notice a difference in quality... especially through headphones.
It ain't bad, but based soley on looks, I woundn't get it either :D
Has been mentioned in this thread, am downloading it now.
One of these new ipods would have been great, but I don't want something that will get fubar.
Iriver products are great. Frequently updated firmware. (limited) vorbis support. Plus they come with sennheiser headphones, which is a step above most portables.
The Rio Karma supports vorbis as well, but I still want a Mini! :)
IRiver will becoming out with the iMP 1000/1100

portable cd/mp3/asf/divx (yes, Divx!)
with TV out
for almost the same price you could get a dell DJ. Sry...i don't think i will be infusing apple with my cash on this one!!
But then you'd be giving dell your money.. and that's just wrong :p
i like my 30gig 3g ipod, it rock the ipod mini. for $50 you can get 10gigs and it only 1/5 smaller than the 3g

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