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What do you do after the battery goes bad? Hello trash can. Two year battery and then buy a new iPod so I heard. At least on the regular iPod. Thanks Apple.
Interesting. I've been seriously considering an MP3 player for the past month. I liked the iPODs, but I really don't need a 10GB+ hard disk. This one is appealing to me since it's only 4GB, and cheaper. I'll have to look into it. Thanks for the post Speedy. :)
# Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery
# Playtime: 8 hours when fully charged

Apparently it's built in, but could it not be replaced when it completely dies?
muzikool said:
# Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery
# Playtime: 8 hours when fully charged

Apparently it's built in, but could it not be replaced when it completely dies?
Exactly, which is why I said "Two year battery and then buy a new iPod so I heard".
I must say that I say a campaing made by two brothers after the Ipod's battery, after 18 months I think it is uselees and Apple wanted you to pay 100 $ for a new one, but apple changed that to only 51$.
$51? I hope that things change, because I won't buy one if they are going to do that.
try doing a search on IPOD battery- first of all Apple will replace your battery for under 100 bucks- the battery will most likely last way longer then 2 years and there's a lot of evidence behind that- and third of all you can replace the battery yourself for a very affordable price-
some of Apple's iPods did have a battery issue, but this is also due to the fact that people have no idea how to care for a rechargeable battery (So many people moan that things like their cell phone has crap battery life because they're too inept to use the battery correctly) but this has been addressed in newer models and therefore shouldn't be a problem with the iPod Mini.

These so called battery problems hardly affected a large percentile anyway, plus regardless of the "problem" iPod still takes 3 positions (including first) in the top 5 selling mp3 players worldwide at the moment.

I'm not sticking up for apple, this is just what I've heard, I do not own an iPod myself and therefore can only judge from the opinions of others, it is funny though how a few people can bad mouth something, and the thousands and thousands of happy customers stand for nothing.
Good points Speedy. I too was surprised that the player would be so popular if the battery problem was one that affected everyone. Still interested in the Mini!
Some people are already complaining it's too expensive. Which based on Apple's other products (15GB for $50 more) it is, but are there any other 4GB players for that price? everyone else is using removable media players, or are still suck on the 256MB range. I may be wrong (I have no real interest in mp3 players, so don't know prices)

Personally, as much as I'd love to buy one now (Quite annoying that I can afford it at the moment... hehe, you'll never hear me say that again :D) I'd still rather have the 40GB :)
I'd love to brag about having a huge hard disk on my mp3 player, but realistically, I don't need that much space. I do have thousands of songs, but I don't need them all on my player at once. The price of the Mini isn't exactly proportionate considering the disk size in contrast to the regular iPODs, but the Mini is smaller, and that's worth something.
The batteries ARE replaceable, you can do it yourself or i believe Apple can do it for a fee (if they dont now they will offer this service in future). Scaremongering is the bane of the iPod.

They last a minimum of 18 months - that's when it's being used by the average user, eg daily.
The only reason I'd want the 40GB is because I could hook it up to the computer, let iTunes do it's stuff. Then if I'm out and want to listen to a song, I know it's with me.
I mean there's no chance I'd ever be able to listen to my entire mp3/mp4 collection, but it's nice to know it's there. 64mb would suffice for the trip to work and back every day (which is when I listen to music on the move, all other time's I'm sat at a computer or out where there's music :D) at the moment I use a Mini-Disc player. 80 Minute discs, but I do always seem to have about 10 of them on me :D

I suppose the iPod mini is quite attractive really. My birthday's in March.. we'll see how I feel then :p

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