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I have an error on my IPOD the one with the Folder and explaimation point. I reformatted the IPOD probably 5 times now and it still shows it comming up. =/ how do i fix this?


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REM you cannot fix this, the hard drive is damaged, if it is within the manufacturers warranty then return it for a fix or replacement, even if is outside the warranttee, apple is aware of this problem, so you may still get a fix or replacement.


how old is it? I am waiting for a class action lawsuit on this. I swear we get more people in #ipod with that complaint than anything besides
"the when i hook it up, it says do not disconnect. what do i do?" (damn newbs)
but yea, apple have the worst support so i wish you the best of luck with this.


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Didn't Apple have a class action for Ipod HD's? (older gens)

*Edit* - Bingo was one ...
The settlement appears to cover owners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation iPods purchased through May 2004. The original suit was filed in the Fall of 2003 by eight consumers dissatisfied with the iPods battery life and performance
According to the terms of the settlement, people who fill out a claim form are entitled to receive $50 redeemable toward the purchase of any Apple products or services except iTunes downloads or iTunes gift certificates. They can redeem the voucher within 18 months of final settlement approval at any bricks-and-mortar Apple Store or online.
link to settlement info
Well, i got it to work. I uninstalled my Ipod and reinstalled it like twice. Waited an hour for my computer to analize the Ipod. Big pain in the a$$. Whatever it is meraclous how it all of the sudden came onto my computer. Anyways, sometimes when i turn on my Ipod its probably like 1 / 20 times when i turn it on its wiggin out. It says that i have No music on there i don't see any of it in my playlists or my artists ect. When i go to the seetings/About secton of my Ipod it still says that i used up 16 GB on my IPOD but NOTHING IS SHOWING!! so i gotta reset the entire thing. Sometimes i hear my hard drive skip!. Its sooooooooo loud when it skips i can feel the vibration too. BTW this is probably about 90 days old. =/ but its still alive and kicking i suppose =/ Any suggestions on how to fix this stupid hard drive instead of shipping it back to dumb a$$ apple?


yea, if you get errors now, its only going to get worse i hate to say. Apple return is SOOOO slow, so its better to back up your music if you don't have it already with ephpod or anapod and ship that badboy back..

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