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iPod Encryption


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Well, I can make a password protected mountable section on my Mac hard drive but I was wondering if I can do the same thing on my iPod? Thanks.
Just make an AES encrypted DMG file and keep it on your iPod, you'll only be able to open it on your Mac though

FYI you do this with the Disk Utility


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Thank you. Now, when you say that I only will be able to open it on my Mac, does that mean I won't be able to open it on my iPod? Here is my situation, maybe there is another solution, I record music professionally, so I like to put the studio tracks on my iPod to listen to when i have the chance and then make changes or learn the songs better, whatever. However, sometimes I let people listen to my iPod but I would rather they not have access to these tracks that are not finished or released to the public yet. So I would like to be able to put these tracks somewhere that only I have access to them but I can freely let someone use my iPod for everything else that is on there. Any suggestions? Thanks!!!
There is no current method to lock certain tracks from being played, anything which is on your iPod can be listened to. As X-Istence has said you would need to get another iPod or something else to play the "work in progress" tracks and not let anyone else listen to it.


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i don't have my ipod with me, but i think you can just exclude the tracks from the playlists on your ipod, and remove the "songs" and perhaps "artists" items from the menu.

for anyone (including you) to listen to those tracks, they will have to enable the correct menu items and select the songs manually. not the ideal solution, i know, but i think it would work.

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