iPod Battery Preservation?


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13 Feb 2002
I'm getting one of these very soon, but I was wondering if there are any real suggestions as to how to preserve the battery for as long as possible?

My main concern is the fact that the iPod starts charging automatically if you hook it up via USB/Firewire. Doesn't this hurt the battery, if you constantly are recharging it even if it doesn't need it, and then, more often than not, removing it before it can finish recharging? If it does hurt the battery life, is there a way to disable it from recharging automatically via USB/Firewire?

I'm curious to know what you all think on this subject.

I think it automatically stops when it's fully recharged.
Well, but I've seen like my brother's iPod. Half the battery charge is left. He wants to add more music. He connects it via USB/Firewire and it automatically starts charging. He finishes adding his music. He disconnects before it is fully charged.

I'm pretty sure this is a regular occurrence for many iPod users. So, the question is, does this kind of behavior hurt the long-term battery life? I would rather not have to get a $99 "iPod replacement" until absolutely necessary and at least after a couple years of frequent use!

if the battery is litium ion, then it doesn't hurt the battery.

what will hurt the battery is letting it drain fully as they aren't designed for that.
LordOfLA said:
if the battery is litium ion, then it doesn't hurt the battery.

what will hurt the battery is letting it drain fully as they aren't designed for that.

I've certainly learned that now from the reading I've done. I dunno...I tend to "over-research" everything before I make a purchase, just so that I know everything I'm getting into. I really knew very little about Lithium Ion batteries before I researched this. I guess research isn't really a bad thing, though! ;)

melon said:
I dunno...I tend to "over-research" everything before I make a purchase, just so that I know everything I'm getting into.
It's a good thing! I tend to do the same thing too. :D
iPod fast-charges the battery to 80 percent of capacity in an hour. However, it can take 4 hours to fully recharge the battery. Even in sleep, iPod uses a small amount of current, and the battery slowly empties. Stored at optimal storage temperature, the battery will empty in 14 to 28 days.

I'm sorry either my Ipod is defecteive or im just going to have to slap the BS card down on this statment from Mac. my ipod goes completely dead in a day or two with out even being touched, I dont just mean it wont plays songs or binks at me low power when I try to turn it on I get nothing and when I plug it in I'm prompted to pick a lang. and I have to redo all my settings.
That doesnt sound too good Krux :s

and thanks LordOfLA i didnt know that about L/Ion batteries :)
for the first time in my life, I am actually thinking about getting an iPod and getting rid of my Nomad

/me waits for people to gasp

this is mainly cause an iPod would look a lot more secseh with my iBook :p and also because it will work with both my iBook and my PC
Geffy, you are the last person I'd think would care about the aesthetic value of the player.

On a side note, after playing around with my roommates iPod, i'd never touch one.
Geffy there are plenty of other options...actually too many options...the best thing to do is to try and go to places and physically get them in your hands and try to demo them.

If not you may not be able to see or feel which one you like the best
I know that best buy and circuit city have a few out on display to try out. Not all of them are demos but some you can.
well I own an iPod but I think the other mp3 players have a lot of good qualities and I think are over looked because they are not "iPods"
its mainly for the full interoperation between my laptop and my desktop machine. Mac drivers for the Zen is not something that Creative seem to offer though. The aesthetic value is more of a plus
My brother preserves quite a bit of battery by doing the following:

Turning the click sound off
turning the volume down.
Turn off the Calendar Alerts under settings (forget exactly where; I think that's what it's called) and it'll save quite a bit of battery power.
i bough a 20 gig at cosco a few days ago. (cosco being a whole saler) coolest thing is that everything (with the exception of Pc's) has a lifetime waranty through cosco.. so the ladt told me to come back in march and switch it out with the package that comes with a few extra accesorys. but before i completly hijack the thread as much as i hate mac... i like my ipod.. and feel less dirty that i use itunes now.

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