IP Fowarding; DMZ and FTP Server...need help please.

Nick M

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Hi there!

I just set up a Serv-U FTP server. However; I am having difficulties connecting.

Here is the deal:

If I ask my computer what it's IP adress is; it tells me as the local IP adress. The real thing; however; is most likely

Now; if I enter the adress on the FTP server; as being, I will be able to connect to myself via cute FTP; however; other people seem to be unable to. If I put my adress as, in the FTP server settings; and in cute FTP; it will not connect. The port I am running on is 21.

I'v been told to DMZ; but I don't want to do that; at all. I want my firewall.

My router is a Linksys BEFSR41.

That's the router set up page. Now if I go to advanced; and fowarding; I'm stuck there; I don't know what to put into the fields. Would someone please explain to me how this works; and help me?

Thanks a LOT;


Nick M

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So when I give out my FTP server IP; which one should I give?

And also; in serv u properties; what should I put in for Domain IP adress?

I'v attached a picture of what I did; please take a look.


well maybe you could try a different port

a friend was using serv-u ....she had mega probs with it so i set up Bulletproof for her and it worked fine


Are you listening on the right machine... I have the same exact setup and I dont have a problem. I will be able to help more when I get home @ 11pm est
I have G6 (BulletProof) FTP server set up at home behind my Linux router. I have port 21 forwarded to my internal IP ( in my case). It works flawlessly except if the client is also behind a router.

I can't connect to your IP btw. You may have to restart the router if you are unlucky.


D'OH I was too late... I got busy today and didnt have a chance to post... <bad PseudoKiller bad>

Nick M

OSNN Veteran Addict
Nah it's cool. I bet I'll have more problems soon; so I'll post back here :)

Thanks for the offer though
and thank you to everyone :p

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