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IP Check in XMB Forums




I have a question to make since i cannot access any of the XMB Forums.
Most of them they have a tool to check if the ip from where you try to enter is valid or not.
I am behind a proxy and i cannot change that cause i am on my University LAN. Therefore my ip cannot be seen and that is why i cannot access any of the XMB Forums that have this feature enabled.

Is it anyway to do something and have my IP being seen?

I am having a forum using XMB and i have some questions to make to them and i cann't enter the forum. We are talking for the original XMB boards.....

thanks a lot.....
Yes, but you still have a valid IP sent in your headers. XMB will record your proxys IP address and be fine with it.

Even if you are sent through a proxy you should still be able to access XMB forums unless your IP has been banned by the administrator.

Is this one particular XMB board or all of them :huh:

Its the XMB community page?


Does the board give a error when you attempt to access it? For example something along the lines of IP not in correct form?


i am trying to access http://www.xmbhacks.co.uk/community/boards/index.php
and the error i get is: Access to this website is currently not possible as your hostname/IP appears suspicous.

I have a XMB forum and in the config.php file explain what the ipcheck does, and also gives the answer someone can see in his browser.

So i know that the message i am getting has to do with that function they have. According to the XMB FAQ text the ipcheck is checking whether you have a valid IPv4 or a valid IPv6 IP.

Also in my forum, i cannot see my ip address in any of my posts. What i always see is Uknown IP.

We are not using a proxy address in the IE but we are using a configuration script, which is pretty much the same. I tried to enter manually my proxy's address and still have the same problem.



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Your proxy sends its IP, but wont let XMB know who the origional request maker is. Speedy_B has this with his ISP on my board, since it also tries to find out what the origional IP is.

The only way around it is, goto a different PC outside of campus.


yeah right........ i don't think that this is appropriate... especially when that function is really stupid, cause if i wanted to access it i would have done so ....... but they think that this can give them more security.....


i do not want to be a bad person but sometimes they make you to be.....!

anyway.... thanks for the advice....

be well
be good
be you...!


Accualy if you think about it they're protecting you...
The RIAA is after everyone they can get their hands on and if they can't identify you then they can't prosecute you. They want to make EXAMPLES of people to rule us by fear! Why? well their buisness is in danger. Think of it the Bands won't need them to market for them. All they need is an MP3 encoding program and Kazaa, etc. and they can get their music to the people. Their monopoly will be over. Just my 2cp worth.
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