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IP Address Question


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In an earlier topic (Networking 101) I was trying to remotely control a computer within my local lan. This topic is more about getting in from outside my lan. Some of you had suggested a program like real VNC and I've been reading through the documentation.
Through various sources I've learned a little about the IP address asignment given by my router or a static assigned by me. I can use a tool like whatismyip.com to get my outside IP address. This is where my confusion begins. If I want to control my home computer from a remote location, what IP address do I use? Obviously there would be thousands of addresses with 192.168.0.xxx. So I assume that the outside address I obtained above would be used. And I guess this would be the address to get to my router? So would a program like real vnc make changes to my router to forward to another IP address on my lan? I dunno


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You would need to setup your firewall to forward the correct VNC port from the external interface (the IP given by your ISP) to the comptuer on your LAN. The 192.168.x.x address ranges are non-routable over the public internet (meaning, they won't work on the internet).

As for how to setup your router/firewall for port forwarding, that depends greatly on the model of your router/firewall. This link is a good place to start..


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Thanks and ya, that's a great site. Explains some of the basics and I needed that. They list my router (a D-Link DIR 625) and the port settings for RealVNC. So if I understand this right, I have the server running on my home lan and have a client program running on a computer at work or a wireless laptop. I go to log on to my home computer with the IP Address from my ISP. That address will find my router which will direct the log in request to my home computer though port forwarding. (to port 5900 on 192.168.x.x)


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Success! Got it going. A couple security tweeks and I'll be set. Only bad part is I can't do anything with our firewall or other settings at work. I can set up a VPN acount so that's something. Thanks for the help.


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Compubozo, you can use the same account regardless of where you are at. You don't need a second account to use while at work.


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hmmm....confused. I can't load the Real VNC client on my work computer 'cause I don't have rights and I can't even ping anything, I guess because of the firewall.


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Without the program you are not going to get anywhere. Sorry bud. See if you can make a case to your manager for you to get the rights to be able to do it.

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