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I am starting to have to send people invoices and I was wondering if there was a program out there to do that. Something that calculated totals and has different designs, and prints easily, etc etc etc? Maybe if it could even group my different jobs and such, or I don't know something cool lol.

Best, free, your ideas? Thanks.


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Super Invoice 1.01

I believe its free up to 50 customers then you need to pay.

From Delphinux Sytems:
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Fast and Flexible invoice program with user-defined column. Design your own invoice with company logo. Print price list and catalog photo. Send invoice as email with invoice image attachment. Handle Tax, multiple discounts, and shippings. Templates to make writing repeated invoice faster. Comes with sales and many useful reports.


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Ok Bman, I emailed a friend and he suggested Express Invoice by NCH Software
The company is legit and creates nice programs and they are freeware

for free this is as good as it gets.