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19 Jun 2002
Is there a way to change the "posted date" of a topic as an admin?
What im after is that when i post a topic and later edit something in that post, that the "posted date" of the topic will get the new date, so that it looks like its posted on the new date.
Is this possible, do i need a invision board hack for it?
Isn't there a tag left behind that says "edited on: date - time" ?

Doing what you want would make things look a bit strange. The posts would look out of order, and I think that the software may display them in order when read from the DB, making it impossible (I may be wrong though.)

Some people here use Invision on their own sites, so may be able to help more.
yes that tag can be left behind, but it doesn t have a affect for what i want. i have the ipdynamic lite portal with the board and that will add posts with a new date. replying or editing a post wont make it appear again in the list. only posts that are just posted are shown. Thats why i want to change the date on some posts i edit so that it will fool the portal and list them again. Now im deleting a post, and post a new one with the updated info, to let it show.
And order isnt a problem since i have the posts listed alphabetically sorted on their topic title.
no problem. i can do hacks as long as they have a good help description. I hope someone knows what to change :p

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