Invalid CD Key On RTCW



Everytime my ISP kicks me when I play MP RTCW when I try to get back online it deletes the last two digits of my CD key. My M8 is having the same problem. Does anyone know how to stop this from happening? Also for some reason my preferences arent being stored any advice would be gratefully received as this is a tedium I could do without!!!
If you're getting the invalid CD-Key Problem just edit the file


in the main folder with your REAL cd key. then mark it a read only, dont put in the hyphens -..

then it will work!"
It does it to me also. It always omits the last two digits. I read somewhere thats some kind of security measure.


Do you put all numbers in? Even the last two?

Its annoying more than a security measure. It would be easy to remember two digits. Oh and yes it does exactly the same on mine. Is all your online preferences deleted as well ie name and keyboard set up? That is even more annoying. Tho to be fair RTCW is the new king of multiplayer shoot em ups in my book.

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