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Internet Video/Content Issue


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I am having issues with my internet.

Now, it's mostly noticeable with YouTube and video sites, but I believe there are other related issues. Basically it takes for ever to load videos, its slow as all hell. Yet when I download with Usenet i get my normal maxed out connection.

I have tried with IE, Chrome and Firefox, all the same thing. Cleared cache and settings of all of them. Firefox is even a clean install. Updated my Flash as well.



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There is the windows firewall. All browsers are on the exception list. Though I did try disabling it and it still has the issue. Plus, I have had the windows firewall enabled for years without issue.
Any possibility your ISP is throttling your bandwidth? Some were (some still may be) detecting p2p activity and causing intentional disconnects to cut bandwidth usage.
There have been discussions between media providers and bandwidth providers about pricing structures and bandwidth usage. Can't remember if t has devolved into a shooting war yet or if it is still just threats.


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As far as I can tell it only happens with video content sites.

Youtube, GameTrailers, Revision3. I don't think they are throttling, but if they were why would they be doing those sites? And I have been using 3web for awhile and it started fairly recently, plus I have used Rogers for years without issue (3web is using Rogers lines).

Could there be something with my router causing issues?

And well, even when sites like that are/were working they never max out my connection. My usenet does, so wouldn't that be more of a concern to them if they were doing anything.


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I am using MSE and it never caused problems before.

Disabled MSE and Windows Firewall and still same issue.


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Those are from 2009 too.

Well, I don't recall having this problem (though can't really remember) when I got 3Web about 5 months ago. And yea I can't do anything about it if it is them. Frack!

What should a ping be anyways?


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Like its not just slow loading. Some of the videos, sometimes are loading slowly, then stop for a bit, then keep going...then stop...It's really weird.


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Just to confirm.

The ISP has the ability to throttle a website, or a service, and not another website or service?

If that is not the case then I would have issues with Usenet and a few other applications and downloads.

And if it is, it's Rogers messing with 3Webs customers. Then again, I have been a high (very high) usage customer for years with Rogers without any real issues (in terms of bandwidth, speed). 3Web is Rogers and its only been 6 months of high usage as a "new" customer.

I just used 3Webs own speed test 10 times, and it gives me a max of 1.6Mbps, WTF?
Have you talked to your ISP about it?
It could just be server congestion until they do an upgrade.
Or it could be something with your router/modem.

I had problems with p2p for 6 months before I got the ISP to do a system check and it turned out my router was slowly dying. Another time my speed dropped off and it turned out my 10 year old modem was on it's way out. Both times speed tests performed well but when I started long, heavy loads the degradation set in.

The ISP helped me trouble shoot both times.

PS A ping of 90 is horrible. Mine runs 12-20 with an occasional 40.


OSNN Veteran Original
Well I will talk to my ISP, but I am assuming that if it's them on purpose they will deny everything and not help. If it's them but not on purpose my experience has been they don't help either.

My router is maybe a year old, modem is 5 months old (well when I got it from them). So yea I will see what they say.

Side note, but might be related.

A couple days now I have noticed that Steam was closed when I got home. Normally that means my system rebooted, but everything else was as it was when I left. Then just an hour ago I was in Firefox and it just closed. No error or warning, it was closed as if someone hit the X button.

Could someone have access to my system (I run AV and Spyware stuff, check often, scan everything, you know me I ain't average user) and could they be affecting my internet as well?

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