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13 May 2002

Today i recieved my final notice from my ISP to limit my downloads so without it happening again i would like to use an internet usage tool to find out who downloads so much on my network and perhaps set limits to bandwidth and total bandwidth etc. Is there any such program out there?

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IMHO if your ISP don't provide you with a tool or don't provide you with information and a warning before you go over the limit then it is their problem not yours. Switch to a different provider who does provide this facility and inform your current provider why you are switching. Their are some good ISP's in the UK that give you bandwidth usage tools.

PS. What ISP are you with?
Im with Tiscali 2mb Unlimited and the last time i checked there usage calculator i had to add everything up myself, page after page.
If its unlimited then what are they complaining about? My DSL is unlimited, friend also has the same and he's used over 300GB/month with no notice (at least he hasn't said he got a notice).

If youhave to add up the totals yourself then that's just stupid. They should have a total.

Attached is my friend's usage, I also have the same thing.
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I use the netstat provided with yahoo widgets. It pretty accurate, it tells you how fast and how much you have downloaded.

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