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internet time limiting

A friend of mine has been having problems with a teenager using the net in to the small hours, does anyone know of a program that can limit the usage going by the time rather than time online,IE if at midnight they were still online can i cut them off until another predetermined time

This should do what you need. It's already built into windows. Well, it doens't kick a user off, just limits what times they can log on. Maybe it won't do what you need it to... Well, they could make it work by making sure he or she logs off during the time it is limiting the teen's logon.

Also, a lot of routers have the function built in. See if their router does.

You might suggest "going into the freaking room when he or she isn't supposed to be on the internet, then levying punishment if they are", but some parents can't be bothered with the difficulty of taking responsibility for raising their child.
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hehe. if i got a crappy grade in 6-11 grade id get grounded from tv. my parents used to unplug the cable from the back of the house. Didnt mean i dindt get around it time to time. But they did it. And if they caught me.. id have hell to pay. Kids are gona do sh*t they arent supost to but if you make it harder for them to do it.. then you really have a reason to ground there butts. In my opinion if you want a much more effective thing. Take a look at there cookies and caches. See what sites they are going to. make them have low user status so they cant install prgs they arent supost to use. Its not spying when its your kid and they could be doing some dumb stuff just take it with a grain of salt. A Kid looking at inapropriate sites needs to be confronted not abused on it.... and with that. off to the Pron sites i go..


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A belkin wireless router I have has built in settings to cut off certain services and re-enable it at certain times.

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