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Internet time allocation

Can i allocate a specific time for use of the internet(i.e. can i set it up so that i can only connect for say 2 hours a day).Can i do this with XP PRO or do i need another program to do this?


I know this is not the answer you are looking for:

Take a timer and set it to go on when you desire and go off two hours later.

Plug it into the wall outlet and plug your surge protector into it - the end result is that your computer will only be on for two hours a day and that will be the only time you can connect to the internet!:D :D :D

Sorry brocher, I just couldn't resist that! Only kidding - no offense intended!;)


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You mean like a call timer? That would be more of a telecom's issue (i.e. BT) than a software thing.

Although I found that my wife was rather effective at limiting my internet time - try getting married!!! :D

That or ADSL.

If you're trying to limit internet access for a third party then try calling BT they may be able to work something with restricting numbers, either that or put a payphone on the line extension!



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Thinking a little more logically on the issue you could try the following:

Break the 'phone line into the computer and install a timed switch on one of the line wires.

If you were concerned about access to the switch it could be locked up or hidden.

The Maplin's electronics store next to the KFC on Great Northern Road should be able to help with any number of switches or might even know of a better solution as they have any number of telecomms gadgets in the catalogue.



Do you want to restrict it for yourself or for other users? For other users something like Cyber Sentinel 2.0, Enuff 6.0, Watchdog or this one may do it. If you want to limit it for yourself, you will have to try to forget passwords, easy if you don't want it but difficult if you want.
;) Not exactly sure what you are looking for.

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