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Internet Shuts Down

When i download Torrents or things from mIRC, after about say 30 minutes, my internet from my router shuts off when i am running Azereus and i have to quit Azereus to regain internet access again. For mIRC after 2 minutes of downloading my computer would shut off the internet all to gether on my computer where i would have to restart. I opened the correct ports on both programs on my Linksys router and they have to work. Torrents down at great speeds for about.... 30 minutes then i can't even download things overnight. Is there a way to fix this?
I had similar problems and it ended up being that I had a bad modem. There's a good chance that I could be wrong about your particular case, though.


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what router are you using? Some routers will keep the connections active for quite a while. Example, my linksys WRT54G did until the most recent firmware upgrade, still is bad but not as bad.
Some routers run out of connection space while in NAT mode if you have a lot of connections open.

Try reducing the maximum number of connections in Azureus and see if it improves.

Failing that look at router reviews for those that handle file sharing very well.


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I know several Linksys routers have trouble with a large number of connections via Torrents, and you have to lower the "global" number of connections (think 100 is the magic number - and thats for all your internet traffic so something lower for BT would be ideal). I see you mention this happens with IRC as well so unless you are doing multiple downloads via IRC bots then I would suspect that perhaps your modem can't handle the sustained speeds and locks up (unplugging it and replugging it back in after a few secs [30 tops] should fix it), or it'ss just dodgey.
A year ago when I was doing a lot of torrents I had the same problem mysteriously show up with my linksys BEFSR11. After a while doing massive connections it would start shutting down until there was nothing. Then I'd have to hit the reset button to get them started again.

I tried limiting the number of connections, the bandwidth, running thorugh the DMZ, etc and nothing ever fixed the problem.

The problem just suddenly started up also. The router, modem, and PC worked fine for 6 months to a year before the probelm started.

I never found a solution and the annoyance was one of the reasons I gave up on torrents. At the time I always wondered if it wasn't something my ISP started doing to discourage using torrents...

The modem and router work fine pulling massive downloads from a single IP at my full bandwidth, it was just the torrents.
Well also this just doesn't happen with torrents, my internet downloads fast at points it can download at 3 mb a second, but when i get on counter - strike too my internet sucks, the ping sky rockets where to a point i can't join any room. I don't know what else it is. i'll try to lower the download numbers on my torrents.
Hmmm, does counterstrike have you connected to all the players (peer to peer) or is all traffic through a central server? I can't remember. If it's peer to peer the traffic will look like a torrent.

One thing came to mind. My MB LAN finally died and the P2P problems may have been related to it being on it's way out. If the torrent adjustments don't help try putting a stand alone LAN card in and running. Don't disable the on board LAN, that will cause Genuine Advantage Activation greif. I have not done any P2P since i stuck the replacement card in.

If I get a chance today I'll try some heavy torrents and see what happens. But since I changed my ISP service since the P2P problem days the results won't be conclusive.


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Counter Strike is Client -> Server, and does not have peer to peer traffic.

However counter strike traffic is less than 5 Kb/s, so if that is having an effect, go out and purchase a new router/modem and see if that helps. If you have a good cable company, and you rent the cable modem, they should replace it for you for free.

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