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Internet sharing isp billing help


If you have a router or use ICS they can't. They can analyse traffic and guess, but I don't think so, too much work.

If you get one IP per computer from your ISP they can. Just count the IP:s. ;)


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Majin, are they charging you for having more than one computer on the SAME connection line? That would be well unfair! Its not like your having 3 times as much connection speed than when you had only one computer connected to the connection. I use a Router/DSL Modem/Gateway all in one Box for mine :D


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well of course its unfair and i didnt think they were supposed to know how many computers i have past my router. i think i need to have a nice chat with them about unfair billing practices, and state monopoly laws. :)


im pretty sure they can see there is a router connected to the line, and they're probably assuming from that that there is more than one machine connected to the internet.

although as someone said once... assumption is the mother of all f**kups :p

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