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5 Mar 2002
Hi all,
My internet over the last few weeks has declined to a sad state of affairs. When i down load most things i get up to 250kb/s, which is my connection speed 2meg. But a lot of browsing and certain site which sometimes i can d/l at these speeds are only d/ling @10-20. These sites are not illegal or P2P. Is there a way that i can clear all traces of history, cookies and any other files that are on my pc to see if these are hindering my speed, thanks in advance.
CCleaner does a pretty good job of cleaning. You may want to check for viruses/malware/adware/spyware too.
I have ran CCleaner and it has made no difference to the internet speed. Any other ideas that might work.
Might also be worthwhile to reboot your ISP modem and any applicable routers/firewalls. Also can check to see if your router/firewall has any available firmware upgrades. Can also plug your PC directly into your ISP modem, see if it's faster to see if your router could be having issues.

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