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Internet really slow on browsing

Hi all,
My internet over the last few weeks has declined to a sad state of affairs. When i down load most things i get up to 250kb/s, which is my connection speed 2meg. But a lot of browsing and certain site which sometimes i can d/l at these speeds are only d/ling @10-20. These sites are not illegal or P2P. Is there a way that i can clear all traces of history, cookies and any other files that are on my pc to see if these are hindering my speed, thanks in advance.


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Might also be worthwhile to reboot your ISP modem and any applicable routers/firewalls. Also can check to see if your router/firewall has any available firmware upgrades. Can also plug your PC directly into your ISP modem, see if it's faster to see if your router could be having issues.

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