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I have a server running NT4 with MSProxy 2 installed to share my cable connection, and i run the Winsock client on the 2 client pc's on my network.

One pc runs Windows 98 and one runs Windows XP Pro (this one).

Everything works fine, but after a few seconds, now this woulldnt annoy me so much, however when i boot my computer up, i like icq to connect first time, but this is now the case.

I have to shut icq down and reload it in order to connect. Now if i try and connect to MSN as soon as my computer boots up, same thing, nothing, give it 10-15 seconds and it works.

It appears that my computer is not connecting to the network or something like that. I have talked ot my friend who is well versed in computers and he suggested putting the ip of the server into the hosts file, which i did, nothing :( same problem.

Does anyone know of what causes this ??
Thanks for help :)



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How about not autorunning the services? That can sometimes happen because it takes a few seconds to connect and log into the proxy server. I would simply not autorun them and manually open them a few seconds after it connects.


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