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Internet problem odd IP config


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Hey everyone

Hope you are all well, i was wondering if someone could help me with a problem i'm tearing my hair out with (or suggest a good place/ forum to go and get help).

It's rather strange, My internet connection will 'bottom out' after half an hour, and fail to loacate pages. This will stay like this until i change my ip address in winipconfig and reset. Upon staring it will detect proxy settings, work, and then, well the cicle begins again.

As you can imagine this is very frustrating, and far outside my understanding as what can be causing it.

I'm using Win 98se, 1mb Broadband provided by Homechoice, and IE for my browser.

Any sugestions or help would be hugly appricitated.

Many thanks



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how are you changing your IP address? Are you manually assigning it an address?

Does your provider use DHCP? Is there a firewall/NAT device somewhere in the mix?

When your connection fails, are you still able to ping IPAddresses?


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I would like to see what your connection is, and what your IP address changes to before you have to renew it.


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Hahaha thanks for getting back you too

and fitz your talking a little over my head, i am using Zonealarm as a firewall, wiht no previose problems.

When i go to winipcfg i relase the apater realtek 8150 USB (which is the one that provides my cable). I then renew it, the ip changes each time for instance,, then the last two parts always change, i reboot and the internet is good agan for about half an hour.

My firewall and cookies are all on the defult settigns and haev reminded untouched.

Dose that help

Thanks again

oh and yes it's when IE fails is when i renew and get a new IP address ;)

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I would recommend getting a network card, and going through that for your connection. Run an ethernet cable from your modem to your PC, USB setups are very unreliable.


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Cheers, unfortuantly the supplier (who also dose the cable TV) only has a USB adaptor belive i do have an old network card within my machine, i'll have a look.

The thing is that i've been usign it perfectly fine now for over a year, i don't understand why ots palyign up now.

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