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I really had no idea where to post this topic, which is saying a lot lol

Last weekend (7th till 9th) we had are internet go out. No real explantion from my ISP, at one point I got a guy telling me it has to do with the DNS, but it really made no sense to me.

So the 9th comes, and I got internet back, things seem fine. Then shortly after that, maybe a day, start having issues loading websites. Some sites just don't load at all, some load very slowly, some load partly. Sometimes a website won't load, and then it will another time.

It is two different systems having the problem, one is Windows 7, one is Windows 8. I have tried both Chrome & IE on each system. I have reset/turned off the router and modem many times now. I have even switched routers, and changed my DNS. Nothing has worked.

Cleared all caches and items like that from browsers, flushed the DNS, even did a system restore on one of the systems.

I called the ISP today, and the guy said he thinks there might be something wrong with my external IP address. Didn't give me details, said he was unsure, but might be fixed by end of today (which it's not). That kinda makes sense, but I don't understand how something can be wrong with my external IP.

Anyways, assuming it's not my ISP (going to keep dealing with them and try to get it fixed) what could possibly be causing my problem?
All that happen when I ran that test (which was right away) was this reply.

"turing tested you were found wanting"
So just for the sake of doing it (was very far from my system) I plugged my computer directly into the modem. Thinking I tried two routers, of course this is going to do the same.

Well, plugged into the modem, my internet didn't work at all, acting like my computer was unplugged from the internet. Is this possible? That it is dead, but when plugged into a router it sorta works?
When you change from router to direct connection or direct connection to router you usually need to powercycle/reboot the modem.
There is no reset for the modem, only able to unplug, which I did, had to because of the location.

And no comment on the line test?
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Yes I am pingable.

This is cable. And when I release, and renew, I get the same IP address.
Is this just a cable modem or do you have phone (voip) thru it as well.

If it has voip then the modem will have a battery which will have to be removed to get the modem to fully release MAC.
We have VOIP, but it's not part of the modem. The VOIP is connected to a switch, which is connected to the wall, which hits the router, then the modem.

I will try to do the modem thing again, and release and renew, maybe it will be different.

Ignoring that, anything else? Or is it my ISP?
Post modem manufacturer/model and I can tell you if it has a battery.
Sorry, been busy with other stuff. There is nowhere I could pull a battery from that modem.

Anyways, I am pretty sure it's my ISP, since they are still stating they are having problems in the area. It's just weird because as I said some sites load fine, some load slow, some don't load, some load partly.

It's like certain ports don't work, Usenet broken, does not work. Torrents I can max out the connection though, very weird to me.
I had a similar problem with my DSL. They started a major expansion program which overloaded their servers AND ever time we had a major rain storm their servers would start failing. This went on for a year. After a large user group sued them all the problems magically disappeared.

ISP is having server problems and not fixing them. Could be parts availability, crappy old hardware, cheap managers, etc. Start posting on the ISP forums and see if there is a large group of people having problems. Aslo, start demanding your fee for the reduced service days be refunded. i.e. kick them in the wallet where it really hurts.

It could be your modem. There should be diagnostics to run which will id a problem in seconds. If they have not done that, the ISP is not too smart or knows it's servers are trashed.
The problem is I pay for a company called Distributel (used to be 3web/CIA) which basically pays to use the main big guys stuff, Rogers. At least that is how I understand how it works.

So it's kinda like Rogers is screwing the little guys over, I can't really complain to Rogers because I am not a customer, and Distributel can't really do much.

And yes, even though I don't really want to hurt the little guys, I will be getting my moneys worth.
WOW, sounds so much like what I went through. $40 per month was the fee, but $36 went for the DSL HW line and $4 for the ISP servers so all I could get was a few bucks back because it was a DNS issue.

18 years and nothing changes. Start organizing a class aciton lawsuit, it works every time. ;(
They just told me this.

"Seems like the 'IP' bank Rogers provided us with is invalid. We are pushing hard!"

What exactly does that mean?
I think the internet is finally back to normal, but don't want to jinx it.

Still interested in what the problem was though.

* Just found out this.. Not sure why something like that would take so long to fix though.

There were two issues presently in Ottawa. Customers served off of St Laurent POI receiving an IP address from a certain subnet would experience an intermittent browsing/routing issue. This should be fixed now. Problem was with Rogers Access Control List on their equipment.

Second issue related to subscribers served off of Richmond POI not getting an IP address(169 IP only) is still outstanding. We have tickets opened with Rogers and waiting for resolution.
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