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Internet is plural..LOL


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themafia_69 said:
no, there is internet and intranet, different things
That must be why Cisco has questions like.

"Why are internets important ... bla bla bla bla ..."

As I said "Internet" with a capital I refers to the cloud of information that we commonly know of, while "internet" with a small i is different. My point is that internets with S is perfectly fine. The only thing wrong with Bush's usage is probably the context which he used internets in.
well even if what you said were true, bush doesn't know anything in computers, so that still makes him wrong and lolish video... oh yea and internets isn't the only mistake he made, he said "there is rumors" instead of "there are rumors" or "there is a rumor", so that makes it even funnier


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Kermit_The_Frog said:
I say it again that man is never clear when he opens his mouth , but then again he is from Texas
From Texas? lol. Coming from a Canadian. hahaha. Nah, just playing with you. We love our Canadian neighbors. :D

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Based on the context of the situation, it's clear Dubya meant the Internet :D

ROFL, this is right up there (though perhaps not as bad) as with Al Gore claiming to have invented the Internet


Yeah, Bush can be rather mis-spoken, as when he essentially said "The terrorists are innovative and resourceful. They never cease trying to find ways to harm our nation, and neither do we" :D

Shamus MacNoob

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LOLOL yeah I would vote for him if I was down there, I would rather have him in office cause then I would get to watch him on TV and get more free laughs . LOLOLOLOL

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
The only problem with that, is when certain odd ball statements can leave the rest of the world with certain impressions :D Not that the Japanese prime minister might not enjoy reminiscing about when his father vomited all over his lap and then hearing that his lap will be a no vomit zone this time around :D

Still, that would make one whacky campaign slogan. "Vote for me!!! I'll make you laugh" :rofl

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