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I know I just posted another thred with a problem I'm having, but this is another thats really pissing me off. Ever since I installed some new software from my High Speed INternet Provider, Cox High Speed, (apparently it was required after their move from the @home services), I'm having trouble with IE> Every time I click a link in the IE window, a new window opens, but the adress box remains empty, and nothing loads up. I can leave it this way all day, and nothing happens. This is agrivating, I can never click any links to new webpages anymore, how can I fix this?


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Not sure how to fix your problem, but just so you know in case you decide to reformat...NO software is required for any cable provider to allow you to access the internet

I have comcast and comcast techs's have even warned customers NOT to install the software as it is just one big bug, all the software does is change settings you can change yourself and then it overwrites your internet explorer with an older one and is just buggy as hell

For more about this I recommend you check out the cox forum on, they can tell you how to get on without installing any software


Yeah, I never installed their software before, i just thought for some reason this time I would have to. Anyway, I know it did something to IE, because it said so while installing, can you explain to me how to reinstall the most current version of IE?


Ok, I need to know how to uninstall IE from XP COMPLETELY. And then how to reinstall it. I'm thinkin' thats the only way to fix this mess.


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so far the only true way i've seen of COMPLETELY uninstalling IE to fix that is a clean install of XP, sorry I dunno of an easier way, there might be one, alot of people in the cox and comcast forums have the same trouble so ya might try there, best of luck man =/


I had the same problem but I managed to fix it tonight. I hope I catch you before you reinstall. I'm just now setting up my computer even though I've had it since Nov., so it's taken me about 4 hours just to get to the point were I can post this. However, in order to set everything up with the system I bought it was practically a requirement that I have the child windows opening correctly in IE. I'm sure you've found this out also.

Anyway, here is what I did to fix the problem (I found the answer at some site called At a DOS command prompt type: regsvr32 urlmon.dll.

I didn't have time to look into what the regsvr32 command actually did, I just know that after running this command my Blank Window issue magically went away. If you know what this command does, I'd like to know.

I don't know if the Cox software caused my issue or the Linksys router I have. Since the router is about the only thing I've installed that has ran flawlessly without requiring an OS patch, I'd have to agree with you that it was the Cox software.

Anyway, I hope this helps and you didn't have to reinstall XP. I've heard there is some signature icon in XP, so I better go check into that and make sure I'm not attaching Bin Laden to this....

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It's surprising how most of you always suggest (fully uninstall then reinstall). Don't you know how to go through Internet Options first!?? It's basci troubleshooting guys...

Try this first will ya?

Go in Internet Options, then in the Programs tab, click on Reset Web Settings. Go in Advanced, and click on Restore Defaults.
Also clear your cache (always good anyway even thought it's not related here), and reset Security settings to default.

THEN if that doesn't change a thing, start thinking about reinstalling IE.

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