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Internet Explorer Properties

I can't right click here anymore to access interenet explorer properties on the XP start menu screen. I can right click anywhere else in windows so I know it's not my mouse. Any help to correct this would be greatly appreciated


American Zombie

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Does it show anything when you right click on it?

Only thing I can think of is right click on taskbar, select properties to bring up the Taskbar and start menu properties.

Start menu tab > customize > general tab > show on start menu

If Internet Explorer is listed in the drop down box and checkmark is there then untick the box and click OK, Apply and then go back, tick the box, OK, Apply.
Nothing is displayed when I right click on it.

I have already tried unchecking and apply and recheck it and still not able to right click for properties.
I can't right click on any program name in the start menu. On the top or bottom I can right click to bring up start menu properties.
I just got it fixed. Thanks for your help. I unchecked everything possible and then rebooted and checked everything possible back on and now it works.

How freaking strange and amzaing how much of a headache this was.


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