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Internet Explorer Manage Add-ons (Windows Update)

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Hey All,

I have a legit copy of XP with a legit serial...i've just gotten off the phone to MS and am entirely pi$$ed off that they didn't help me. So i've done some research on the net and found a solution to my problem. Hopefully this will help others if they face a similar issue.

Basically I check the Windows Update site to update my computer every week and recently tried to do so as per usual. The only problem being that it says I have a pirate key! But I don't and I still have my original disk with the install key on it and my receipt from where I bought it etc.....grr.

I have read that to log onto the update site (I mean I have a good key, and since MS won't help me I'm doing this myself) you can disable the activeX Add-on in internet explorer.

To Manage (Enable/Disable) your Add-ons in Internet Explorer. You are normally able to do this by clicking:

Manage Add-ons
then enabling or disabling Active X controls

For some reason I could not do this as it says "The administrator has blocked access"...well I am the administrator and I didnt block access!

I found out how to fix this problem:

type "gpedit.msc" (without the "")

a new window will pop up. Browse to:
Computer Configuration
Administrative Templates
Internet Explorer

Then on the right hand panel double click on:
"Do not allow users to enable or disable add-ons"
Check the "Disabled" box and off you go!

Anyway, I hope this helps....

Sexo um Pato

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holy crap!:dead:

no sooner have i said this...but after i downloaded more updates....this option stopped working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't enable/disable the Windows Genuine Advantage add-on anymore and it's stuck on enable....
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Sexo um Pato

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well...yes! they should...how many phone calls do I have to make to them before I start trying my own methods though???

would appreciate some help plz...?

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