Internet Explorer Assertion Failure?



I keep getting these assertion failure errors when trying to access my Aol email through Internet Explorer. I thought it was Aol at fault because it just started happening, but I accesed the mail through netscape with no Problems. I have looked up the errors but have found nothing. Can anyone Help? I have included a screen shot of the errors. Thanks in Advance!


Try running the error under google !!

Go to and see what reference pages you can find about the error !!

Basically, if it has an official error written for it, the cause/solution is out there somewhere !


Thanks Hipster but I did find that one and its for IE 4.0 and its not the problem I'm getting. I can start IE I just keep getting the error messages when accessing my Mail.
I'm still trying.


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well heres the kicker, aol and microsoft are not exactly bed buddies due to the whole aol/msn thing, and netscape is OWNED by aol so your stuff might open up better there...

I dunno if there are any settings you can fiddle around with check/un check in ie to allow you to get your mail... but if netscape is working... just use that... or get another mail handler and use POP to channel it all to a non-aol mail account...

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