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Internet Explorer and constant resizing?


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Ok all, well I am having this problem. You see, I Have it set up so that when I open internet explorer, it is totally expanded. However, you know that when you click a Window, you can't have it so that window is totally expanded and MAXIMIZED like when you open the original window...

So what I am saying is that when I open IE, it is maximized so I can't resize it unless I click the restore down button next to the close... however when you click a link, a window will open up and you can resize that one. The problem I have been experiencing is the annoying fact that I'll click a link, and until I can get it just right I have to expand the window and resize it about 50 gazillion times.

Ok, so now I finally got it enough that I have it expanded to fill the screen... yet every now and then the window will be small as anything... Is there anything out there, or anything I do to make it permanently expanded???
The next time it opens small grap a corner of that window and expand it manually, close it normal when you are done, and the next time you click a link it should be that size from now on.

If it isn't just ignore everything before this line.



See if this helps a little:

got to Internet Explorer Options - Advanced tab -
look for the "Reuse Windows for lauching shortcuts" play with that option and see what suits you

maybe i'm crazy but... i seem to have convinced myself that clicking the x in the top right corner to close IE doesn't save info about the window size and position, however if i use "file", then "close" it does...

is this really true or am i nuts?


it's simple,install Autosizer(free) and all your problems are gone!!!
you are welcome!


go to windows explorer - go to options and select "remeber each windows settings" you can also force settings by holding shift and closing the window (clicking on the X). Perhaps that may help - I don't see why you need to add more software to do just this.


Easiest way I've found is when you open the 1st IE window, rezize it to how you want, but dont close just yet, go to a webpage (can be any page), wait for it to load, then click file/close.

Every time you open IE from now on it will stay the size you set previously.


never new about the shift key thing... is it for real...? on that note... does anyone know where i might find a database or something like that of standard windows shortcut keys, and similar functions????


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